MTA unveils redesign of NYC subway turnstile as fare evasion solution "To deter the roughly 400,000 subway riders who don’t pay the fare every day, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to redesign the turnstiles for the first time in modern history. The agency on Wednesday unveiled a potential design of a new subway fare gate that includes glass doors that slide open, replacing the rotating turnstiles that have been part of the system since its inception. The new gates would remove the need for emergency exit doors, which the MTA said accounts for more than half of all fare evasion." (6sqft)

New record set for fastest trip through entirety of NYC subway "Last month, Kate Jones, a New Yorker now living in Switzerland, set a new standard. She completed the journey in 22 hours, 14 minutes and 10 seconds. Her time was certified last week by Guinness World Records." (Gothamist)

NYC Lost Jobs in April Even as US Adds Employment "Cash assistance and other public benefits are helping more New Yorkers weather an economic climate that’s still tough" (The City)

NYC is sinking under the weight of its buildings, geologists warn "Lower Manhattan is particularly at risk, and there is concern for both Brooklyn and Queens as well, according to the study" (NY Post)