NYC Says It Will Take 20 Years to Restore Park Avenue to Its Former Glory "The good news is the city finally has plans to restore 11 blocks of Park Avenue north of Grand Central to a semblance of its former glory...expanding the median from a useless 20 feet to a potentially-rejuvenating 48 feet. That redesigned street could include bike paths, walking paths, and generally more space for things other than cars or pretty things for people in cars to look at as they drive by. The bad news is many if not most of the people currently living and working in New York will not be around to enjoy it once it’s done. It will take 20 years to redesign these 11 blocks, according to the city’s Department of Transportation. Yes, you read that right. The project to redesign 11 blocks of a Manhattan street will not be completed until 2042." (Vice)

Manhattan Apartment Rents Creep Closer to Highest on Record "The median rent jumped 23% from a year earlier to $3,467, according to a report Thursday by appraiser Miller Samuel Inc. and brokerage Douglas Elliman Real Estate. That’s just shy of the record for January of $3,472, reached in 2020 before the pandemic exodus sent rates sliding." (Bloomberg)

For homeless New Yorkers, new rule puts housing just out of reach "New York City’s rental voucher program, known as CityFHEPS, was designed to help homeless individuals find permanent homes. But homeless New Yorkers and their advocates say a recent rule change has caused confusion, delays and unnecessary hurdles to an already onerous approval and leasing process. Advocates said it may be a cost-saving measure, though it’s unclear why the change was made, but it’s forcing some individuals and families to stay in homeless shelters or temporary housing longer, costing taxpayers more money in the long run." (Gothamist)

N.Y. Subway Sees 3 Million Riders in Busiest Day Since Omicron "Weekday subway ridership was nearly 60% of pre-pandemic levels before Omicron hit in mid-December, according to MTA data. Tuesday’s ridership count was 53.7% of what the system carried on the same day in 2019." (Yahoo)