NYC begins citywide expansion of on-street carshare parking program "New York City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) announced Tuesday the installation of 80 new dedicated curbside parking spaces that will be reserved for carshare vehicles throughout the city. The parking spots are part of a program intended to increase access to convenient carshare vehicles after a successful five-year pilot was shown to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and personal car ownership. Over the next two weeks, signs for the dedicated parking spaces will be installed across Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens." (6sqft)

Rent in NYC is really high "The report shows a median rent of $4,097 for Manhattan — a historic high for the mid-market rate in January. It is the third-highest level on record, representing an increase of more than 15% from the same time last year. Rent prices in the borough have repeatedly broken records as the city continues to rebound from COVID-19." (Gothamist)

Interior of R211T subway carMTA

MTA Brings New Open Gangway Trains to Coney Island for Sneak Peek "Passengers will be able to move freely between cars on some trains starting later this year." (The City)

Highway or the Highway "State DOT Has 'No Plan' for the Rest of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway" (Streetsblog NYC)