NYC’s Workforce Shrank by 300,000 Since 2020 "The latest economic numbers show a city still struggling its way toward pandemic recovery, with employment in construction, retail, and leisure and hospitality all lagging their pre-pandemic levels." (The City)

Grand Central Madison is closed, but the MTA is running empty trains there anyway "An internal MTA memo obtained by Gothamist shows that on Jan. 11 the LIRR operated 40 empty trains in or out of the station, dubbed Grand Central Madison. MTA officials said the LIRR regularly tests the new service by running trains without riders." (Gothamist)

NYC subway stations near rivers have worst air quality in the system "In a prior investigation by the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, researchers found varying levels of air pollution at different subway stations. While some had air pollutant levels at rates a few times higher than regular air, some had pollutant levels that were similar to breathing in the air after a forest fire." (6sqft)

‘Park Your Fleet’: Harlem Residents Decry Newly Opened Truck Depot On Site of Proposed Housing "A detested truck depot opened in Harlem on Wednesday morning on the site of what could have been affordable housing and revamped open space — and the would-be residential developer turned self-proclaimed victim chided the local council member for opposing his request to rezone the L-shaped lot in the first place."