City to Expand Scooter Share to Eastern Queens "All three of the scooter-share companies that have been providing service in The Bronx since 2021 will be part of a massive expansion of the program into transit-deprived areas of eastern Queens, the Department of Transportation announced on Thursday." (Streetsblog NYC)

Op-ed | How do you measure a housing crisis? Talk to New Yorkers. "Consider these findings from the 2021 NYCHVS as a snapshot in time: less than five percent of rental homes are available for rent. Even fewer homes under $1,500 are available for rent – less than one percent – the lowest it’s been in 30 years. The typical New Yorker needs to make twice as much to afford the city’s median rent, which is pushing $2,750. And half of the city’s renters are considered rent burdened, with a third spending over half their monthly income on rent." (amNY)

NYCHA Rent Hikes Coming for Tenants Deemed ‘Over Income’ "Last week, the Housing Authority sent notices to 290 households with higher income that they must pay higher rent, plus foot the bill for utilities." (The City)

Like smoking 30 cigarettes in 8 hours: NYC’s air quality crisis, tallied "If an average adult spent an 8-hour work shift outdoors in Bushwick, Brooklyn on June 7, the peak period when the skies turned orange, then they were exposed to the equivalent of smoking 30 cigarettes." (Gothamist)

Competitive mini golf league coming to the Putting Green at Domino Park "Putting Green, an 18-hole pop-up mini golf course, is back for its third consecutive summer on the Williamsburg waterfront. This time, by popular demand, according to the organizers, a competitive league will start in July." (Brooklyn Paper)

World Trade Center’s new cube-shaped arts center reveals inaugural season ahead of opening "A new arts center at the World Trade Center was included in the 2003 master plan for Lower Manhattan after September 11. Two decades later, the Perelman Performing Arts Center (PAC) is opening this fall." (6sqft)