On May 6, Mayor Adams and other local officials broke ground on the Battery Coastal Resilience Project, a $200-million effort to protect Lower Manhattan from coastal storms and other impacts of climate change.

The project, which will rebuild and elevate The Battery's wharf and promenade, is expected to be completed in 2026, and will protect against projected sea level rise through the year 2100.

“We’re building a more resilient, more sustainable city for today’s New Yorkers and for generations to come, and our coastal resiliency projects are key pieces of that work,” said Adams in a news release. “The Battery Coastal Resilience project will help protect Lower Manhattan from the stronger storms that climate change is bringing while ensuring that New Yorkers can still enjoy the beautiful green space and cultural icons that The Battery has come to be known for.”

The project is one component of a $1.7-billion plan to prepare Lower Manhattan for climate change, include the $350-million Brooklyn Bridge-Montgomery Coastal Resilience, which began work in 2022.