NYC Is Cleared for First-in-US Congestion Tolls as Soon as April "Motorists may start paying new tolls as early as April 2024. Toll plan projected to provide $1 billion annually for the MTA" ( Bloomberg)

City’s New Trash Containerization Still Keeps Garbage in Pedestrians’ Way "Putting trash in containers is great for combatting rats, but "it's insulting" to pedestrians, said one of the city's foremost advocates." (Streetsblog NYC)

MTA rolls out more modern trains on NYC subway "In addition to a new train smell, the R211 cars feature wider doors, new digital displays — as well as features riders might not see, like security cameras and electronic signal equipment that helps speed up subway service." (Gothamist)

‘Over Income’ NYCHA Tenants Get Reprieve on Looming Rent Hikes "The federal housing agency hit pause on its decision after getting pushback from the nation’s large public housing authorities, of which NYCHA is the biggest." (The City)

NYC to demolish and rebuild two NYCHA complexes in Chelsea "Under the plan selected by the residents who responded to the survey, all 2,055 existing NYCHA apartments (1,111 homes at Elliot-Chelsea and 944 at Fulton) will be replaced on existing campuses in brand-new buildings. The plan also includes roughly 3,500 new mixed-income apartments, of which 875 will be affordable." (6sqft)