Is New York City facing a ‘doom loop’ scenario? A discussion has started. "When will Midtown and Lower Manhattan, long the beating heart of the nation’s largest commercial business district, fully win back office workers like Bowen, who is among the 50% of Manhattan office workers who work from home on any given day? Or is this the new normal – as it has long been for Bowen's wife Lila Stromer, who has been working from home for years?" (Gothamist)

Remote Work Is Poised to Devastate America’s Cities. In order to survive, cities must let developers convert office buildings into housing. "The nation’s office buildings aren’t as empty as they were before COVID vaccines became widely available in spring 2021. But they’re still far less populated than they were in 2019. A recent analysis of Census Bureau data from the financial site Lending Tree found that 29 percent of Americans were working from home in October 2022. In New York City, financial firms reported that only 56 percent of their employees were in the office on a typical day in September." (NY Magazine)

‘Not for sale’: Civic leaders oppose Mets owner Steve Cohen’s initiative to develop on parking lot around Citi Field "The 50 acres in question – the former site of Shea Stadium – are not only leased for parking operations at Citi Field but also host numerous events, including carnivals and fairs, para-athletic sports matches and a variety of other public uses." (QNS)

New York officially opens applications to build 3 new casinos "The board has set the minimum capital investment and license fee for all applicants seeking to build a casino at $500 million each." (NY1)